Common Questions

What is Instrument Calibration?

Instrument Calibration is the process used to maintain instrument accuracy. It is the process of configuring/testing an instrument to provide statistics for a sample within an acceptable tolerance. Eliminating or minimizing factors that cause inaccurate measurements is a fundamental aspect of ensuring instruments maintain their functionality.​

How do we perform calibration?

Different types of instruments have different methods of calibration. The process generally involves the use of either a "Reference Instrument" or a "Calibrator" to test the samples. ​

Who requires calibration?

Calibration is required in many industries. Although dependent on the Standards that are followed by the client, calibration requirements can change. ​

Coronavirus Impacts on Freight

As we are all suffering the impacts of coronavirus, there are delays across the nation with freight. Althought Australia Post endeavours to have your items to you as soon as possible, this is not always possible due to the pandemic at hand. Australia Post is trying its best to adapt to their business to this challenging time. Please allow additional time for your items to be delivered to you throughout this time. Go Calibration thank you for your patience and business. Stay Safe!