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Calibration Services at your doorstep. We bring the service to you so that you don't have the down time and still remain efficienct in your day to day business.

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COVID-19 Update

We are currently still in operation and open for business. We understand that you may have concerns regarding this topic, however, we ensure you that we have introduced measures to ensure the safety of our staff and your staff.

To find out more regarding how we are fighting the COVID battle, please contact us.

We can come onsite or you can send it in.

Ph: 1300 988 101

Email: sales@gocalibration.com

Temperature Mapping & Onsite Temperature Calibration down to -100°C available!

Onsite Temperature Calibration also available for:

● Coolrooms ● Freezers ● Fridges ● Medical Equipment ● Refrigerated Vehicles ● Temperature Probes ● Thermometers ● Infrared Thermometers ● RTD ● Thermocouples ● Forehead Thermometers ● Ovens ● Vaccine Fridges ● Water Baths ● Temperature Controllers 

We can also provide onsite calibrations for your dimensional/metrology requirements:

● External Micrometers ● Internal Micrometers ● Vernier Callipers ● Dial Gauges ● Dial Indicators ● Height Gauges ● Depth Gauges & Micrometers ● Setting Rods ● Anvil Parallelism & Flatness ● Bore Gauges ●

If you have something that is not listed, contact us today and we will gladly assist!