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How often should you calibrate your equipment and why?

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

The importance of calibrating on a regular basis and how it can help your business.

See why calibrating your instruments is vital for your business to operate efficiently.

“Accurate measuring is probably the most effective way of averting costly repairs or even claims for damages.”

Why is it important to calibrate your instruments?

The main reasons for calibration are to ensure the reliability of the instrument, and that it can be trusted. To determine the accuracy of the instrument and to ensure the readings are consistent with other measurements.

Considering the costs arising from legal action for damages that might be filed against you, the expenses for proper calibration and adjustment are minor in comparison. Companies that take their responsibility seriously and wish to establish long-term business relationships, therefore, need to calibrate their equipment regularly. It could also void your warranty if your instrument is not calibrated.

A measurement error is the difference between a measured value of quantity and its true value. Such errors tend to become more frequent the longer a device is in operation. At some time, the deviations might be so great that they are no longer within the specifications, which means that quality is no longer assured.

By calibrating the device, the measurement error can be determined and documented. If the measurements are outside the permissible range, the device needs to be adjusted. In this process, the measuring instrument is reconfigured so that measurement errors are minimised and deviations from the setpoint value are within the device specifications.

No quantitative data – no quality assurance

Business should be calibrating their instruments at least every year to ensure accuracy and provide quantitative data to ensure you can provide quality assurance for your customers.

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