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Service & Calibrate or Replace with new?

Why we choose to calibrate and service. Even with "brand new" items.

At some point you have probably asked yourself.

“Should I calibrate and service my instruments or replace them with new ones.”

In our opinion, calibrating your instrument eliminates the possibility of having errors that can render your item out of tolerance. Calibration ensures your items are within specifications and meet either the Australian standard or manufacturers standards. Even if the item is new, calibration should still be considered.

Is it cheaper to replace an item than it is to calibrate and service?

Yes, in some cases it is cheaper to replace than to calibrate and service an item. However, just because you have chosen to replace the item, it does not ensure that your item is performing as it should. We have been supplied countless “brand new” items from our customers which have failed to comply to standards and tolerances out of the box.

We understand that your item may even come with a quality certificate which states “Inspection Passed” but this does not guarantee that your newly purchased item was tested and checked before it was dispatched. The inspection certificate does not act as a Calibration Report. Calibration of your items whether new or old ensures that your item is in a condition that meets necessary standards.

Although replacement may be the most cost-effective approach, it does not guarantee that your item is functioning accurately and meeting industry standards. Calibration should always be considered even with new items.

Need a quote or require onsite mobile calibration? Get in touch with our team today, we can help! Call us on 1300 988 101 or head to our contact page for more details.

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