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If you're looking to purchase a quality external micrometer that's going to last you and give you the accuracy you need, look no further. Mitutoyo is one of the world's leaders in manufacturing precision measuring tools.


Condition: Brand New

Delivery: *2-7 Business days from date of order

Shipping via: Australia Post 


If Calibration is required, we are able to offer full a full calibration report for this item which complies to GC Testing Standards and Australian Standards:2102-1989

Mitutoyo External Micrometer 0-25mm 103-137

GST Included
    • Metric
    • Range 0-25mm
    • Graduation of 0.01mm
    • Accuracy of ±0.002mm
    • Weight 175g
    • Baked-enamel-finished frame
    • Ratched Stop
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